Table Lamp Charger

Upgrade Your Bedside Experience – Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with this sleek and modern Table Lamp. This versatile lamp doubles as a Bluetooth speaker, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes wirelessly. With its built-in wireless charger, you can conveniently power up your devices without the hassle of cords. Experience ultimate relaxation with the sleep mode feature and adjust the lighting to your preference with stepless dimming. Elevate your space with this stylish bedside lamp that offers more than just illumination!

Electric Citrus Juicer

 Get the freshest juice in just 10 seconds with this Electric Citrus Juicer! Our innovative juicing reamer automatically raises and extracts the juice, ensuring you always get the best flavor. Say goodbye to bitter flavors caused by scraping the rind – this pressure-sensitive juicing technology senses the rind thickness for a perfect, delicious juice every time. Try today and experience the ultimate juicing experience!


 Experience the mesmerizing marvel of the Hoverpen 2.0! With its new ridged design, this pen becomes a captivating spectacle as it spins with visible circular acceleration and deceleration. Twist it once and watch it spin flawlessly for up to 20 seconds in a kinetic motion. Get your hands on the ultimate spinning sensation!

Bagel Slicer

Safely Slice Bagels with Ease – Introducing the Bengal Slicer! Say goodbye to uneven cuts and potential injuries. This Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer effortlessly slices bagels in half, ensuring perfect results every time. Experience convenience and safety in your kitchen!

UKIAH Portable Fire Pit

 Enhance Your Outdoor Experience – Portable Fire Pit with Powerful Bluetooth Speaker. Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of high-quality audio and the soothing ambiance of a crackling fire. This innovative fire pit features Ukiah Beat to Music mode, syncing the flames to your favorite tunes with the custom Responsive Flame Technology. Enjoy the freedom to create unforgettable moments anywhere you desire. Discover the ultimate outdoor entertainment companion!

Astronaut Galaxy Projector

Transform Your Room into a Starry Wonderland – Astronaut Galaxy Projector. Experience the mesmerizing beauty of this star projector night light. With 8 stunning nebula effects and twinkling stars, create a peaceful and relaxing galaxy in your own space. Perfect for movie nights, date nights or gaming. This projector adds a touch of magic to any atmosphere. Get yours now and turn your room into a celestial paradise!

Automatic Glass Washer

Effortlessly Clean Your Glasses with the Automatic Glasses Rinser-Upgrade your glassware cleaning routine with this innovative sink faucet attachment. The automatic glasses washer features a powerful 360° rotating jet that thoroughly cleans and refreshes your glasses in seconds. Made with durable stainless-steel, this attachment is built to last. Say goodbye to handwashing and hello to convenience. Get yours today and enjoy sparkling clean glasses with ease!

Adjustable Shot Dispenser

 Upgrade Your Party with the Adjustable Shot Dispenser- Made from Food Grade Plexiglass! Fill 6 Shots Simultaneously. Perfect for Any Occasion!

Sunrise Alarm Clock

Experience the ultimate sleep revolution with the Sunrise Alarm Clock! This 6-in-1 smart sleep companion combines the functionality of an alarm clock, sound machine, ambient light, Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, and weather display. Wake up to a stunning sunrise simulation, gently easing you into the day. Its unique design not only enhances your sleep routine but also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Don’t miss out on this all-in-one solution for a peaceful and refreshing morning!

Floating Lamp

Upgrade your lighting game with the stylish Levitating Bulb Lamp. Its sleek design will add a touch of elegance to any space. With touch control on and off, you can easily adjust the lighting to suit your needs. But that’s not all- this lamp defies gravity, creating a mesmerizing floating effect that will leave your guests in awe. And to top it off, it comes with a built-in wireless charging pad, eliminating the hassle of tangled cords. Experience the future of lighting today and transform your space into a modern oasis!

Hexagon Light Panels

Transform your space with RGB Hexagon Light Panels- The ultimate lighting solution! Experience the power of Wi-Fi Smart technology, allowing you to control your lights from anywhere. Sync your lights to your favorite music for an immersive audio-visual experience. Take full control with Smart Voice and APP Control, effortlessly adjusting colors and brightness. Elevate your ambiance with Hexagon Light Panels!

Flame Aroma Diffuser

Enhance your well-being with the Flame Aroma Diffuser- Experience the power of aromatherapy! Enjoy the soothing benefits of essential oils in the comfort of your home. Choose from 7 mesmerizing flame colors to create a calming ambiance. This noiseless diffuser ensures a peaceful environment for relaxation. Elevate your senses and promote a healthier lifestyle with this essential oil diffuser!

Electronic Tape Measure

Upgrade Your Measuring Game with the Electronic Tape Measure- Discover 10 Practical Functions Today! Measure straight lines, round objects, arbitrary curves, irregular surfaces, and even cylindrical diameters effortlessly. Get precise measurements with ease and accuracy. Don’t settle for traditional tape measures, experience the convenience of this electronic solution!

Hook & Ring Drinking Battle

Unleash the Fun with the Hook and Ring Shot Battle- The Ultimate Adult Game! Engage in an exhilarating Hook and Ring Toss Game designed for adults, where you can play for points or turn it into an epic drinking shot battle!

XREXS Handheld Vacuum

Experience the ultimate convenience with the XREXS Handheld Car Vacuum. This portable powerhouse delivers high power and strong suction, effortlessly removing dirt and debris from your car interior. Say goodbye to heavy, cumbersome vacuums- this lightweight design makes cleaning a breeze. And with fast charging capabilities, you’ll never be without a fully charged vacuum. Upgrade your car cleaning routine today and enjoy the freedom of a cordless, portable, high-power vacuum!

G Lamp Wireless Charger

Upgrade Your Desk with the G Lamp Wireless Charger- Intelligent Table Lamp with 256 LED Light Modes. Experience the Convenience of 4-in-1 Functionality: Wireless Charger, Night Light Lamp, App Control Bluetooth Speaker, and Alarm Clock. Get the Perfect Lighting for Any Mood or Task. Say Goodbye to Cluttered Desks and Multiple Devices- Charge Your Phone Wirelessly While Enjoying Your Favorite Tunes. Control Everything with Ease through the App. Don’t Miss Out on This All-in-One Solution for a Productive and Relaxing Workspace!

AntiGravity Humidifier

Experience the ultimate in-home comfort with the Antigravity Humidifier. This innovative device not only humidifies the air, but also doubles as an aroma diffuser and night lamp, creating a serene ambiance in any room. With its Anti-Gravity Levitating Water Drops illusion, this humidifier is a true conversation starter. Improve your indoor air quality and indulge in a mesmerizing visual display!

Semi-Automatic Mixer

Effortlessly Mix with the Semi-Automatic Mixer- The Push and Release function achieves a Quick and Even Mixing with Ease!

Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

Start your mornings with the perfect cup of coffee using the Alarm Clock Coffee Maker. Discover the exquisite taste and convenience of this coffee brewing alarm clock. Crafted with precision and elegance, this alarm clock features hand-finished wood and hand-blown glass, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen or bedroom. With its Brew-To-Wake and Brew-On-Demand functions, you can wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed beverages. Plus, it comes with a USB phone charging port, a milk fridge and intuitive controls for setting your alarm and brewing preference. Experience the ultimate delightful morning routine!

Levitating Plant Pot

Enhance your space with the mesmerizing Levitating Plant Pot! Elevate your decor with this beautifully designed magnetic planter, guaranteed to captivate anyone who steps into the room. Experience the enchantment of floating plants, as this innovative technology defies gravity. Elevate your style and create a unique ambiance that no other decoration can match. Discover the perfect blend of elegance and innovation with the Levitating Plant Pot!

Modern Spiral Table Lamps Set

Upgrade Your Space with Modern Spiral Table Lamps- Illuminate your home with the stylish and contemporary Modern Spiral Table Lamps. This set of 2 lamps features RGB LED technology, allowing you to choose from a wide range of vibrant colors to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. With the touch-sensitive dimmer, you can easily adjust the brightness to suit your preference, making it ideal for reading, relaxing, or setting the mood!

Levitating Moon Lamp

Experience the enchantment of the Levitating Moon Lamp- Harnessing the power of magnetic levitation technology, this wireless charging wonder brings the moon’s ethereal glow right into your space. Crafted with precision using 3D printing, this 6-inch LED moon lamp illuminates your surroundings with a mesmerizing 3D effect. Choose from 3 captivating colors to create the perfect ambiance. Elevate your decor and immerse yourself in the magic of the Levitating Moon Lamp!

Quick Drying Stone Bathmat

Discover the elegance of the Quick Drying Stone Bathmat! Crafted with simplicity and sophistication, this diatomaceous earth bathmat is designed to enhance your bathroom decor. Experience its remarkable super absorbent properties and exceptional durability. Say goodbye to wet floors and hello to a dry and safe bathing experience!

Self-Sealing Smart Bin

Effortlessly Manage Your Waste with the Self-Sealing Smart Bin- 4 Gallon Capacity! No More Mess or Odors. This Automatic Bin Features Self-Changing Technology and a Built-in Motion Sensor for a Truly Hands-Free Experience. Get Yours Now and Simplify Your Life!